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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 14:22:48 -0700

Alex Ferguson <> wrote:


> And presumably the root reason they're so categorised is
> because in SimGlorantha terms, they're allegedly "clean
> different things", even if they happen to be meexed up in a
> beeg common magic bucket with a double 'elping of pate'.

There are *some* practical differences. Like, for example: As I understand it, a charm works just by being worn, unlike a feat or spell, which has to be used (and a talent could go either way). So... if I were a fisherman, I'd probably prefer to give my kids a "don't drown" charm to wear, rather than teaching them a spell which they might not be able to use after they suck in a lungful of water.

And there may be cultural issues, too. e.g. the Heortlings have a taboo against teaching magic to kids. This ban would certainly cover teaching kids a common-magic feat or spell, but it might not cover giving a kid a charm to wear, or even training him to use an innate talent. (You aren't teaching the kid magic in that case, you're just bringing out the magic he already has--and *everyone* has magic, whether they know it or not.)             Received on Thu 08 Apr 2004 - 19:56:03 EEST

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