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Hi friends,

from another stockage we got some old issues of Tales of the reaching Moon. These issues are:

Tales of the Reaching Moon no. 11 - Spring 1994 - 6 Euro Pameltela - the great Southern Land
Welcome to Pamaltela
Blood is stronger then Death
The Origin of kinship
The Land of Jolar
The cult of Pamalt
Sons of the Totem, Daughters of the dreaming Aranjara Dreaming
Gazetteer of Pamaltela
Veldt Trek
Three Woman - Dancing, Dreaming
Population survey of Pamaltela

Tales of the Reaching Moon no. 13 - autum 1995 - 6 Euro Go West!
History of Malkionism
Shades of stygian Malkionsm
Malkioni sects
Malkioni saints
The holy church of rokarism
The new hrestoli idealist church
Beyond Building Wall
Wyrms Hold
Notes from Nochet
Sorcerous View
The 7 ecclesiastical Council of Malkion
Things that love night

Tales of the Reaching Moon no. 14 - 1996 - 6 Euro Praxian Special
Cult of Eiritha
Praxian Medicine Bundles
Tada, the first Khan
Praxian creation story
The coming of the white bull
Praxian plunder competition winner
Firebats and bog monsters
The Basmoli Berserkers
The storm bull and his sons
The paps cycle
The praxian sense of space
Regions of Prax
A praxian hero wars prophecy
Waha ropes
The storm bull approaches
Sins of teh father
A praxian meeting company
Spirits of Prax
Dwarf Knoll
Plants of Dwarf Knoll
Thing that love night part 3.
Sprit cults

Tales of the reaching Moon no. 15 - 1996 - 6 Euro Prax part Deux
Cult of Waha
A prophesy of the hero wars
How storm bull did his work
Spirits of Prax
The Hell hound
Cam's Well
The praxian hyena
What father Baran, no-breeches told me
The counting knot
A loaf of Bread, a jug of wine, an thou
Harstal's Tale
Little brother don't come to visit my home no more Inginew Swordsmith: A humakti subcult
The tunnelled hills
The lateau of Statues
Down under surfacing: Impressions from the RQ Con downunder Map of the tunnelled hills

Questlines # 1
Down under fundraiser - 1996 - 8 Euro
Glorantha genesis
Four Answers
The cult of trickster
Trisckster and hoolar
How Vinga joind orlanths household
The cult of hunter
The tribes and populations iof sartar
Arkat & Aeol: A henothesit murder mystery Frog boy
Maximum Game Fun
The Red Dragoons
How I stop worrying und lurve the crimson Greg Campaign Myth managemenent
Taro's Carla
Spirit of Far place
A Far point chronology
Rituals of the Far place
Exile 1614
Tribes of the Alda-Churi
A Visitor from Prax
Bluefoot Orlanthi

If you don't got one of these issues you can order it now at www.Tradetalk.de - secure order. We accepting Amex, JCB, VISA and MC.



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