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Terra asks about converting this MOB scenario from Tales 13

>But certainly for the difference of approach and concern along with
>game rule mechanics makes me still confusing.....see samples for
>strategist way of gaming that is not easily convertible to HQ
>narrative system. I am not sure such idea should be replaced to more
>narrative [and enjoyable fun thing] in roleplaying or try to
>faithfully translate its flavour by finding similar traits in HQ.

My advice would be to not worry about too literal a translation of the scenario, take the situation/story and see how it works with our current understanding of the Malkioni and the HQ system.

>Is there any standard table for shared grimoire or blessing like in
>Abiding Book? (If so, Father Teoberdt should be St. Worlath Orderly /
>Rokari Liturgist rather than a Wizard.)

I don't think there are any other "Common" grimoires, but we still have very little information about the West, so we might find more as more information comes to light.

It's certainly possible that characters identified as "Wizards" in RQ material are actually Liturgists or Orderlies, who I don't think we understood at all (or certainly not in the same way) back then

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