RE: [HeroQuest-rules] Mythic Russia: No Cap

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_m0fuDDK2aDjNwW0AYjzWsbTSmMk4wi0wOGRSlzkd2zi4oIz7oS4VNPRoclP2e_PivRciN>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 14:56:33 -0500

>From: "Mark Galeotti" <>

>3. No cap on increasing starting abilities. Mythic Russian heroes
>are truly larger than life characters. If you want to burn 10 of
>your starting points to begin with Strong 7W, you can. There will,
>however, be extensive narrators' notes on how to handle such heroes
>and ensure that their relative lack of other strengths also acts as
>a real penalty.

This is the limit now. You have 20 points of which you can spend no more than 10 on any ability. A counter-example that spoke to eliminating that limit would be to say if you wanted to burn 20 points to begin with Strong 17W, you can. Is that what you meant? Or is there some other limit that this speaks to?

Further, if the characters are "truely" mythic, then even 17W, less than full mastery described at starting at 1W2 is unobtainable to starting heroes. Have you considered starting characters at a level waaaay more powerful than this? For "truely mythic" what about starting all keywords and abilities at 15W, and giving out 200 points to spend, no more than 40 on any single ability? Or something like that?


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