RE: [HeroQuest-rules] Mythic Russia: Mook Rule

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_BoVuRkrfz8bZkjAd0xT1tx590h7-fHs3jjwimDgTlObJXU5lwJwazWJcxvVfVCBXauHW8>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 15:11:13 -0500

>From: "Mark Galeotti" <>

>7. Mooks are dead, KO or otherwise definitely out of action at 0 AP

Is this a real change from the HQ rules? I mean, KO is already covered by the "Dazed or Unconscious" section on page 76 (you just have to assume that this was the Heroes goal in the "non-lethal combat").

As for death, the assumption in the Mass Effort rules as they'd apply to mass combat is that people will die. Basically, the plot immunity from the "dying" consequence of contests doesn't seem to extend universally (I've got a thread going right now on the subject at The Forge). So I think that this is already somewhat encoded. If you're saying that it needs further elucidation in your version, and examples, I'm all for it.

Will Tatars be the "trollkin" of the setting? I'm wondering how you intend to handle cultural norms as they differ from ours to the heroes.


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