Re: Order of action in extended contests

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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 08:19:54 -0000

> Mark Galeotti wrote:
> ...
> > 6. Remove the options and fix it that initiative in an extended
> > to the highest bidder, to encourage high bids and outrageous
> > manouvres.
> ...

Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_b...> wrote:
> This was a change from HW to HQ; for HW it was always in
decreasing AP
> order. We duly changed to decreasing bid order, but after over a
year of
> use, I'm changing (when I'm Narrating) to to use the original HW

We just go around the table. Who goes first is generally decided by the narrative. Otherwise I just roll a D20 v one of the players who takes the initiative roll for the whole group. The most players I have had so far is 4.

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