RE: [HeroQuest-rules] 17 vs 13 Starting Abilities

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_ChnivKWITOPGUnMBXntYbI0eIItZvZVUY6tkYNBpDSHj9rNEs5c3JyuRjoX9C0pPfsxEE>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:01:03 -0500

>From: Bruce Ferrie <>
>I start everything is at 17. Homeland, occupation, magic keywords and
>This may be at the route of our talking past each other, I suspect. We each
>really *do* think the other person is putting forward something different
>what they really are suggesting.

Well, I'm pretty sure that you understand my position as it's just the status quo. And I understand your position better now (that you're not

lowering the Keyword ratings). Still, the general point still stands. You're 
trying to put greater emphasis on these abilities, and I prefer less. I 
really like the idea of having at least a few abilities at low level. In my 
game they get used quite often, and what this does is point out the "little things" about the character. Those small details that make them an in depth person. We're all novices at something.

What I could see is perhaps splitting the difference. How about half of the abilities start at 13, and half at 17 (or something mathematically equal)? That might allow the flexibility to allow players to have low level abilities if they like, and still have some of their unique abilities emphasized as well.

Just a thought.


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