Re: [HeroQuest-rules] Two common magic religion questions

From: David Weihe <blerg2_at_WbEq4fs8qCXvZnuOvmfRux29TOpOhVvvurQNFe8H33QmyGSZvwaRvB3fYvd9qCct4G6H3YKo>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 07:25:32 -0700 (PDT)

Undoubtedly yes, but it hasn't been named, yet (unless it is the old Runequest Sight of the God Learners).

> 2. Would this hero suffer a -20 Alien World penalty on heroquests?
> I can see either a yes or no answer to this. The hero has a soul,
> spirit, and essence within him so he isn't exactly alien to any
> otherworld, but he's not concentrated on one particular one so
> he could suffer a -20 to all.

He is alien to each of the OtherWorlds, so he would get a -20 to each, just as OtherWorld entities get a -20 when on the Mundane Plane. Concentration in an OtherWorld magic form/source removes the penalty for that OtherWorld, not causes it for the other two.                          

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