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>The example characters ... show items with ratings e.g brookiller
>spear 17. The character might also have a skill speak fighting 17.

>Are items like this just used to augment other skills

No, they can be used like any ability.

>In the case of fighting a broo would the character use spear
>fighting 17 augmented by brookiller spear 17?

Or Broo-killer Spear, augmented by Spear Fighting.

>If the two are increased
>separately the player would tend to just increase the spear fighting
>skill as this would be more generally useful, but could be applied to

>the broo equally.

True. sounds like the player should have made a more general item (like Chaos-killing spear). Of course, one could allow Broo-killer Spear to be used with an improvisational penalty against other Chaos monsters. Or discover that it has other broo-related abilities (like Detect Broo or Fight Broo Disease).


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