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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 22:26:00 +0100

David Dunham wrote:

>>The example characters ... show items with ratings e.g brookiller 
>>spear 17. The character might also have a skill speak fighting 17.

>>Are items like this just used to augment other skills

> No, they can be used like any ability.

<snip explanation>

> True. sounds like the player should have made a more general item
> (like Chaos-killing spear). Of course, one could allow Broo-killer
> Spear to be used with an improvisational penalty against other Chaos
> monsters. Or discover that it has other broo-related abilities (like
> Detect Broo or Fight Broo Disease).

Thanks for the explanation. Just converting from RQ to HQ and working out how to deal with things like exceptional weapons. BTW I took the example from one of the sample characters on the site.

In general I thought weapons would give some form of bonus as described on P78 of HQ. Does this represent an automatic augment? A 2-h spear is suggested as providing a +5 bonus so I guess a magic spear with a rating of 20 would provide a bonus of +5 (for the spear) and then an augment based on its ability of +2 (assuming it was applicable against the particular foe) for a total of +7.

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