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Alex replied

> > (Oddly enough, I think
> > the HQ auto-augment rules are actually slowing the game down, since
>> everyone scrounges for another one. And most of them do seem like
>> they could be used automatically, without casting magic.)
>Aside from the "all you can eat buffet" effect having changed from HW to
>HQ (i.e. from magical to non-magical augments), I'm not clear why this'd
>have changed in this respect. People do it more because they no longer
>have the 'personal overhead' of having to roll for it? (This assumes players
>don't _like_ rolling, so that can't be it...) Or because of the 'just
>wan leetle waffer-theen meent' effect -- they're less guilty about going
>for another thing with a smaller 'group overhead', and hence you get six
>automatics per, rather than two rolled (or whatever)?

Just 6?

In a typical fight, my current character would use

Hate Lunars
Combat affinity
Light affinity (since it has Dazzling Flash feat) Head-Sparer (a shield)
Red-Painter (a spear)
Upper Star Dragon (an enigmatic piece of jewelry) armor (standard bonus, not technically an augment) spear (standard bonus, not technically an augment)

but if it's an extended contest and she's lost AP, I can probably add

Endure Pain

or if it's defense, perhaps

Guard Camp

and depending on the Lunars,

Hate Dara Happans
Hate Chaos.

Other than the affinities, all of this seems automatic. But some of it's situational (we're not always facing Lunars, and one time she didn't have her equipment). So every combat requires going through the sheet looking for them.

I think most of us have a similar range of augments. And often we have to ask the Narrator if they're appropriate to use.

As for why different than HW: nobody would want to roll 7 times for augments. They were boring rolls (plus you could mess yourself up with an unlucky roll). So you just picked your one or two favorites.

>(Something like this came up on the Forge, and one reply was to the
>effect of, if I may paraphrase brutally, screw 'em over once they go
>beyond the point of the 'social contract' about what's an appropriate
>number of augments to forage for.

I wasn't aware that there was a social contract for augment-foraging. If there is, it's probably the second time the Narrator vetoes something not very relevant: "No, you can't use Disrespectful of Authority to help stab the Lunar officer."

But as Narrator, I've encouraged players to look for whatever they can, and it's how Jeff runs things too. I sort of thought augment-foraging was part of the game.


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