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Greetings and Salutations

The Ring of HeroQuest Narrators presents the following scenarios at Beer & Preztels XV at Burton-on-Trent Town Hall on Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th May 2004. We are a team of HeroQuest Narrators dedicated to demoing the game to new players and helping Narrators (Games Masters/Referees) new and old to design adventures in the world of Glorantha Overall our aim is to get people who are interested in playing HeroQuest, actually playing, not just talking about it. For more information on the RHQN goto:  


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The games are as follows:


'A Hanging and a Hunting' by Mick Rowe and Darran Sims.
A HeroQuest adventure for 6 players.
Age 12+. Newcomers Welcome. Maturity Preferred.

The heroes must help the Clawfoot Clan rid itself of a terrible menace that has been ravaging their lands and killing their clansmen for the last two years. The Beast of Scar-Hill seems immune to all weapons and magic. How do you kill a creature that will not die?


'Dark Fall' by Darran Sims.
A HeroQuest adventure for 6 players.
Age 12+. Newcomers Welcome. Maturity Preferred.

The White Ram clan is in crisis as its Chief and his retinue were attacked by a vile chaos creature, a walkapus! They are dying from its poison and the only antidote involves extracting the poison from a still living walkapus as one of the ingredients. The trouble is the Walkapus that attacked the Chief has been annihilated. The heroes must travel to Snake Pipe Hollow escorting a powerful pacifist healer to capture alive one of Glorantha's toughest chaotic monsters.


'Destor's Fort' by Mick Rowe.
A HeroQuest adventure for 6 players.
Age 12+. Newcomers Welcome. Maturity Preferred.

In the midst of the 2nd Tarsh Civil War King Hendrakos of Tarsh recruits the heroes to seek out and reopen an ancient hillfort. Yet how to enter this 'Fort of the Tall Walls' when there are no doors, windows or any other way in? Truly mythic adventure that even threatens the future of Tarsh.


'The Dark Heart of the Dragon Lands' by Darran Sims.
HeroQuest adventure for up to 6 players. Age 12+. Newcomers Welcome. Maturity Preferred.

Six years ago the Tarnda clan was abruptly attacked and obliterated by the ferocious Dragonewts for reasons unknown. The only known survivors were the clansmen that weren't there at the time. They have occupied the Tarnda Tula since, fiercely guarding their new acquisition but haven't advanced out into anyone else's territory nor has anyone given any concern to their new neighbours for fear of the same happening to them. Yet now there are reports that the Dragonewts have packed up and left, returning back to their city. A band of explorers and warriors have been gathered to investigate the deserted villages and to try to discover why the Dragonewts have suddenly left, why they attacked and held this land, and if there is anyone or anything left. However the main question at the back of everyone's head is
'Will the Dragonewts return?'

Many Thanks in advance.


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