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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 09:17:35 -0700

>> I thought that, until I looked at the table of
>> "Effects of Misapplied Worship" and discovered that
>> one can get feats. I thought that feats as opposed to
>> improvising off an affinity required that one be a
>> devotee? Or did I get that bit wrong?
> This is exactly what confused me, too.

There are still stand-alone feats.

Just as a Hero Cult can provide just one or two stand-alone feats instead of a full affinity (See p.120), so a Majestic Spirit or Saint will provide either a full affinity, or just (a) stand-alone feat(s).

And, though it doesn't say so in that section, initiates are still required to use the standalone feat as a modfier ability, not an active (unless they take that -10/-5 penalty)

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