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On July 16, 2007 03:09 am, Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:
> Detour -
> While the majority of cults so far written up are of the "Orlanthi"
> pattern, it's not the only way to do things.  You can have a cult giving
> three (or however many) Affinities that has subcults that give additional
> magic; you can have seperate cults for each aspect of a god that give
> entirely different affinities; I could even see a three-layer cult with one
> affinity from the "Big God", one from a middle layer, and one from a
> "subcult" - something like:

> Yelm - Sun Affinity
> Warrior - Fighting Affinity
> Hastatus - Spear Affinity

I like that approach. In fact, a pyramidal approach that works something like that might be very interesting for the Dara Happans.

> (and a god need not give three affinites, of course, Some might have only
> one, some might have four or five. We use three as a "easy" number)

I've always wondered about it having to be 3. Why not 4 or 5?

> I actually wish that cults *were* written up in other patterns, just to
> keep it fresh. And I know that *I* could have done so in ILH2, though I had
> nothing to do with ILH1. The more cults are written in the Orlanthi
> pattern, the stronger the Orlanthi pattern becomes in the minds o fthe
> readers (Sort of how doing a heroquest over and over "strengthens" it).

True. I had pretty much decided that that was just the way it was done.

> Anyway, to get back to the main thrust of this message...
> The Orlanthi pattern doesn't penalize you for getting the affinity of the
> subcult you're in - a Destor Initiate has the two Orlanth affinites and the
> Destor Affinity as "normal". It's only when you look outside your own
> subcult to another that you'd worry about the "<magic> from a subcult"
> table.

*nod* Yes, that was clear once I re-read it.

> In a non-Orlanthi pattern cult like, say, Gerendetho, a person would get
> the three Gerendetho affinities as normal, but if he wanted magic from a
> "fertility" subcult of Gerendetho., he'd use the "<magic> from a subcult "
> table.
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