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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 15:53:46 -0000

Now, now. I did say that I wasn't sure.  

> However, the examples given for fetish and
> > charm creation all seem to involve the intervention of a shaman.
> Wrong. Page 137 - "Befriend a spirit" and "Create a charm" are
> Practitioner-level contests. The example on page 135 specifically
> that a practitioner can make his own charms.
> > I do not think that practitioners are as independent as you might
> > think, but I could be wrong.
> You are.


> Practitioners don't *need* shamans. A practioner *is* pretty
independent -
> he potentially has all the abilities he needs to interact with the
> spirit world. To do that all he needs is "Open Spirit
World", "Spirit Face"
> and "Worship [Great Spirit]/Follower of [Majestic Spirit]". Now,
if his
> tradition doesn't teach those three abilities, he'll have a harder
> though not insupperable.

I was not aware it was quite that easy. I thought there was an intermediate step between pratitioner and shaman that handled much of the interaction that shamans did not perform.  

> A shaman is the "bring 'em back alive" spirit-hunter of the
Animist way. He
> deals with spirits outside of the tradition, something that
> are really bad at. He can travel the Spirit World and - more
> leave it at a whim. The Shaman is not the pinnacle of Worship in
the Animist
> way, rather he is a specialist.

Okay - an interesting clarification! I do think that a practitioner with a non-practice/tradition charm or fetish on his hands is opening himself up to a world of hurt if he tries to use it though.

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