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Well, I realize that there are others on this list who are more experienced with the game than I am, but isn't a system where you have to improvise the armor penalty/bonus for each fight more time consuming than a system of "fixed" numbers? My experience has been that players always use the same bonus except in exceptional circumstances (e.g., they always have +10 for sword + shield + armor except when they're caught bathing by the stream), and each encounter has a fixed bonus because it's part of what you wrote up for the opponent (e.g., the Praxian has +6 for bone weapon/armor/shield), so adding bonuses for equipment is generally less time consuming than any other type of augment. Hero Wars used the assumption that the edges would generally cancel out, but they generally didn't.

Also, maybe I don't understand, but I was under the impression that "sword fighting 5w" represented skill with a sword, regardless of whether the character was caught bathing by the stream or was wearing magical iron plate, and that there was no particular assumption concerning armor built into the skill. If the skill already includes the equipment bonus, then why (for example) would a praxian player want to "upgrade" to metal armor and weapons since his skill would stay the same and the new equipment wouldn't affect his likelihood of winning the fight? Or if the hypothetical praxian got some cool new metal armor, should the procedure be to raise his skill at sword fighting to reflect this?

Just my two cents.


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