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> > Would it help you to know, as an analogy, that a PC of
> > mine has an ability called "I've got a herb for that"?
> > It includes the chances of her possessing a suitable
> > herb for the occasion, as well as her ability to pick
> > the right one and use it. Equipment abstracted into
> > ability.


> Sounds like a CoC character of mine - a prospector in the Arizona
desert, he
> had a "I've got it here in my truck" skill at some percentage - the
> that he'd be able to find some off-the wall thing in the back of the
> Dynamite? the October 1931 issuse of Life Magazine? A list of serial
> of bills stolen in a bank heist? Who knows *what* is in the truck!

Interesting illustration. The first seems OK to me, the latter is going just that bit too far for me to be comfortable with it (in HQ, that is, let alone CoC). It's all about where you draw the line.

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