Re: [HeroQuest-rules] Re: Mythic Russia, and Pyrrhic Victories

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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 09:25:18 -0500

>From: "L.Castellucci" <>
>I mean, I get chained simple contests with the idea of one carries over
>the other, but not how you then figure out the end goal. Do you just decide
>"this is the end now"?

Oh, this is a complicated subject. Yes, there is a danger of using such a system of allowing things to devolve into allowing repeated attempts at the same goal. But there's an extent to which you can deal with this if you're talented and understand the principles well.

I'm not sure that I'm prepared to go into the details of how this works best right now. But I think that it'll suffice to say that there's a potential danger and let each person who uses the system try to work it out best themselves.

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