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Here's a way I've found works fairly well - if you want a way of representing permanently affecting an opponent in the context of an extended contest.

What you do is let the actor make a bid as normal but say he's trying to place a penalty ability on his or her opponent. Resolve the roll as normal BUT if the person doing the placing succeeds he or she can give the opponent a new ability that they specify. The score in this ability is equal to the number of advantage points they've risked multiplied by a factor depending on how long the ability is going to last:

 x 1 - to the end of the contest

 x 3/4 - for a day
 x 1/2 - for a season
 x 1/4 - it's there for good

This gives players some extra options in extended contests. While you might want to narrate a move in a combat as "I'll chuck sand in his eyes" and reduce the opponents advantage points you could be more vicious and say "I'm diving on the bastard and trying to poke his eyes out" and if you succeed giving the opponent "blind 12" (or whatever) as a permanent ability.

I also use this system for end of conflict results as well. If you loose an extended contest you end up with an ability that's determined by the number of advantage points you loose by.



> I'm going to assume that this is not a rhetorical
> question and that it is
> addressed to my latest discussions under this
> subject.
> The answer is probably "no one on this list". :-) I
> don't think anyone wants
> that. I certainly don't.
> I want a mechanical handle on affecting someone's
> ability to win during a
> contest and possibly those effects lingering.
> If I destroy your salt works in an attempt to take
> over as head of the trade
> council, I don't want you using those salt works
> during the rest of the
> contest, or after you win leadership of the trade
> council, simply having
> those salt works back.
> LC
> On July 26, 2007 03:40 am, Rob wrote:
> > Q: What is it that roleplayers want combats that
> simulate a battle of
> > attrition where the winner is the one who falls
> over when he has
> > reached his capacity to take damage? Classic
> D&D/RQ/Hero System?etc,
> > etc.
> >

> > Where is this in any literature or film? Nearly
> all fights normally end
> > when one guy makes a telling blow. Which the

> native HQ system simulates
> > beautifully. Far more realistic.
> >
> > Regards
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