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On 24/07/07, L.Castellucci <> wrote:
> On July 21, 2007 06:51 pm, Ashley Munday wrote:
> > "If it matters, it's an ability."
> That is pretty much the principle I go on.

Me too.

In fact I seem to recall telling players this when they were coming up with characters.

Is this a house-rule? I got the impression it was an *actual* rule.

> > - Keywords are now abilities - raise 'em as other
> > abilities, use 'em or augment with them (you don't get
> > the list of abilities under the keyword though). This
> > was great for broadbrush characters as well
> I've done something like this too. It's the shorthand ability for "all the
> stuff I should know about because of my character concept". In a way it gets
> used like an affinity - augment with it for anything related, use it directly
> with a mod when you have nothing else but should be able to do something.

I just let people raise it with "long term" development. I haven't had any of this since the start of the game though.

> > - All equipment is now ability based
> I'm not sure what you mean by this. If it means "all equipment is an ability",
> then I went the other way. If the equipment is just kit, it is ignored unless
> dramatically appropriate for a situational bonus. If it is part of your
> story, it's an ability.

I don't like this myself.

I like that equipment has some effect. It appeals to me that expert, but mundane, unarmed fighters (Martial Arts 17) get penalised get beaten by expert but mundane sword-fighters with weapons and armour (Sword and Shield Combat 17 + 3 sword +3 armour + 3 shield). This makes economics and technological sophistication part of the contest.

I admit that some people can trounce well-armed combatants armed only with bits of wood. I also think that in Glorantha these people would have magical powers or multiple masteries. Or both.

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