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>> >Q: What is it that roleplayers want combats that simulate a battle
>> >attrition where the winner is the one who falls over when he has
>> >reached his capacity to take damage? Classic D&D/RQ/Hero System?etc,
>> >etc.
>> >
>> >Where is this in any literature or film? Nearly all fights normally
>> >when one guy makes a telling blow. Which the native HQ system

>> >beautifully. Far more realistic.
>> Ever seen Die Hard?
>yes perfect example. He doesn't get shot or stabbed several times does
>he? But he gets beat up plenty, but is able to enter each scrap with
>gusto (ie full ratings). No one is suggesting that after a meaningful
>contest the player character is completely unharmed unless they clearly
>outclass their foe. But hurt enough to be taking penalties - no, not if
>they won.

Well I was fairly specifically thinking of the first film where the bad guy works out that the hero has bare feet and showers an area he has to cross with broken glass. For the rest of the film he's got bound and bleeding feet, moves less quickly, leaves a trail and so on.

Admittedly, I think as the films go on he becomes more and more of a superhero.             Received on Sun 29 Jul 2007 - 06:08:38 EEST

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