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> Sure. But... what if somebody wants all sorts of detail about
cooking in the
> game? Shouldn't there be lists of bonuses for copper cookware? Or for
> certain spices?

Sure; why not?

> The game is, in fact, less biased towards one or another sort of
contest if
> there are no special rules for any one sort of contest. Now, if you
> that bias, then fine. But the system works just as "realistically"
> way.

Agreed. I don't think I've argued otherwise (or have I?)

> So instead of
> talking about the priorities, how about talking about either how the
> presented either do or do not do what you want, or proposing systems
> do.

I haven't had a chance to try the Pyrrhic Victory rules from Mythic Russia in game yet, but I suspect they provide what I (and, perhaps more importantly, my group) want. There are times I wouldn't bother with them, but most of the time, I think they'd be handy.

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