Chaotic Vegetables

From: Jamie O'Shaughnessy (
Date: Thu 07 Feb 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

                        CHAOTIC VEGETABLES         The origins of these rare plants, if one wishes to call them that, are unknown. There are many rumoura, some say that a Chaotic vegetation god created them, some say they they are the remnants of a long dead Chaos God, and some say that they are an indication of how Chaos has even entered the fabric of the Earth and is now damaging it's ecology. One thing is known for sure, they are highly chaotic manifestations that must be destroyed at all costs.

        I first encountered them on an expedition into Snakepipe Hollow searching for a rare sea metal captureed by some Chaos rogue. Here in this highly tainted area I saw four carrots growing wild. I thought them curious and worth further investigation as wild carrots are quite rare, and why should they grow in a place like this? As I approached, about 10 paces away, I saw the earth around them tremble. All of a sudden all four carrots popped up out of he ground and sprouted thin limbs and grotesquely ugly faces. Shocked I froze and observed them come running towards me at tremendous speed, snarling and screeching. One of my guards, a Storm Bull, ran over screaming "Chaos". He swung at the nearest carrot and as his sword hit it, it exploded with considerable force. The Storm Bull was somewhat hurt are yelled out in pain with blood pouring from his right leg. The remaining carrots all leaped upon him and started gnawing upon his armour for a few seconds then, in turn, exploded. I tell you, if it wasn't for my Healing 6 spell, that Storm Bull would be dead.

        Although I made a few more expeditions into The Hollow that year, I never once encountered these "things" again.

        My only other encounter with these creatures/plants was in Chaos Woods. I had heard of a Giant living in a large house in these aforementioned woods and went to investigate, knowing full well that Giants are not chaotic but just disorderly. Whilst surveying the house from some bushes, I saw a very strage bunch of characters - a baboon, a centaur and a dwarf! They seemed to be mounting some kind of assault on the house, for a reason unknown to me. As they passed a rather large vegetable plot at the rear of the house, some of the plants displayed the same kind of action as the ones in The Hollow - they uprooted themselves and grew arms and legs. Not only carrots this time but turnips, cabbage, leeks and pumpkins! They all did the same as before, gnawed for a few seconds and the exploded with a varying severity. Everyone made a quick getaway, me too, and only the dwarf's spirit departed. I spent two seasons searching for the centaur and the baboon but, alas, I could find them nowhere on Glorantha.

        Other than this, I have never seen this phenomenon occur again, although I have heard a few exaggerated stories. From what I can gather, this is a very rare sight indeed. I only wish it were possible to study this further but as I said before, these happenings must cease as they are a blight on mother earth.

                translated by Jamie O'Shaughnessy.


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