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                originally by Mark Powell, 1986.
                re-written and adapted for RQIII by
                        Jamie O'Shaughnessy, 1991.

        A. BEFORE TIME
        The worship of Grandfather Baboon began after Time began.
Grandfather Baboon was the first Baboon to walk the earth. He roamed The Spike foraging and gathering to live. He is the common ancestor of all Baboons.
        The cult of Grandfather Baboon is known by some as the Monkey God.
This is not exactly correct. Grandfather Baboon is not a monkey but monkeys do worship him as their god.
        Grandfather Baboon assures his worshipers that they will have a
personalized existence after death and will always be contactable with their family. He cannot guarantee any quality, nor any future for that existence.
        The cult of Grandfather Baboon Is associated with the runes of
Beast, Man and Spirit.


  1. REASONS FOR CONTINUED EXISTENCE The cult of Grandfather Baboon is used as a link between Baboons and their dead. It supports the reality of their strife and allows them to draw upon their dead for strength. It is also the only true Baboon strong- hold of power and fulfills their needs in the world.
  2. SOCIAL/POLITICAL POSITION AND POWER Although the cult is widespread in Baboon terms, it is of very little importance in the world of humans. In the world of Baboons, the cult is the law by which they live. The cult will survive as long as there are Baboons on the earth.
  3. PARTICULAR LIKES AND DISLIKES The cult dislikes Chaos. It is hostile to the cults of Humakt and Zorak Zoran because they bring much death to the world. Daka Fal, obviously, is an associated cult. The cult of Aldrya is a friendly cult as they provide protection to the forests in which the Baboons sometimes live. The cult is also friendly to Kyger Litor. Otherwise, Grandfather Baboon takes a neutral stance on cult relations.


  1. INTER-CULT ORGANIZATION There is very little inter-cult organization.
  2. INTRA-TEMPLE ORGANIZATION Rune Lords of Grandfather Baboon are the leaders of the cult, these, however, are quite rare so Priests usually are in charge. A Priest who is also a Shaman will usually have a higher standing than just a normal Priest. This is not always the case.
  3. CENTER OF POWER, HOLY PLACES One of the major holy sites for Baboons is the Wild Temple in Beast Valley, Sartar. There are a few small temples in Prax but usually the wandering troops carry their own Shrines. Monkey Ruins, south of The Block by about 60km, is also a holy place for Baboons. It is said that this was once the center of a massive Monkey Empire. It is uncertain as to whether this is true or not.
  4. HOLY DAYS AND HIGH HOLY DAYS The cult of Grandfather Baboon has its holy days in the Sacred Time. Its High Holy Days are on both Wilddays of The Sacred Time.


  1. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN All Baboons are automatically in this cult at birth. Other beastmen, dragonewts and even humans may join if they wish. The examination to pass is usually POW * 5 on 1d100 for baboons. Other races must pass the test of (POW - 5) * 5 on 1d100.
  2. REQUIREMENTS TO BELONG Members of the cult are encouraged to never harm any baboon (or monkey) they ever meet. This is not always possible in some cases. Lay Members must also sacrifice a Magic Point during worship on holy days. Lay Members may never use animals as familiars.
  3. MUNDANE BENEFITS All Lay Members will receive free board and food in a Baboon community if they ask.
  4. SKILLS All members are taught Track, Scan and Sneak up to 30% free, after that they are taught the skills mentioned at half-price.
  5. SPIRIT MAGIC Lay Members receive the following benefits from being in the cult:- FREE - Clawsharp*, Furstiff&, Speedart REDUCED COST (half-price) - Multimissile, Bladesharp * - Clawsharp is identical to Ironhand except that is only used on Claws and Bite attacks. & - Furstiff works in the same way as protection but if anyone grapples the Baboon they will take damage, equal to the number of points of the spell, from the "sharpened" fur.
  7. REQUIREMENTS FOR INITIATION Candidates must have been Lay Members for at least 2 years. They must know all the special skill plus Baboon at 60% or more and must have at least one point of all the spells mentioned above. The exam they must pass is (POW + 100's of Lunars / 3) * 5 on 1d100. They must sacrifice a permanent point of POW to the god.
  8. REQUIREMENTS TO REMAIN INITIATED Initiates must give 10% of their income to the cult. They must spend 6 weeks a year aiding their priest. During Holy Days they must sacrifice two Magic Points. They are bound by the cult likes and dislikes. Initiates must also fulfill the same requirements as Lay Members to remain in the cult.
  9. MUNDANE BENEFITS All Initiates are given some sort of spear and a sling free. The cult will always heal or attempt to rescue Initiates being held for ransom or in trouble. Initiates also receive the same benefits as Lay Members and the other usual Initiate benefits.
  10. SKILLS Initiates are taught all the Lay Member skills at the same price, they may also learn other skills and the ones below at the costs mentioned. REDUCED COST (half-price) - Baboon, Track, Scan, Search, Sneak, Sling Attack, Claw Attack, Bite Attack, Devise, Jump, Climb, Listen, Hide, Conceal NORMAL COST - all other skills
  11. SPELLS Initiates gain the following benefits from their closer ties with their god than Lay Members. FREE - as for Lay Members REDUCED COSTS (half-price) - Co-ordination, Strength, Vigor NORMAL - all standard Spirit Magic Initiates may sacrifice permanent POW for one-use Divine Magic.


  1. GENERAL STATEMENT Rune Lords of the cult (Baboon Lords) are master hunters and defenders of the family group. It is their responsibility to co-ordinate any hunting missions or welfare of any missing members of the cult. They are the rulers of the families and communities. Rune Lords are quite rare in small Baboon troops, they are often found in larger more static communities of Baboons, as in Beast Valley, or in the larger families on the plains of Prax. Rune Lords are always the Alpha males of a group although Alph males are NOT always Rune Lords.
  2. REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCEPTANCE Candidates must have been Initiates in good standing for at least 5 year and must have 90% in five of the following skills - Claw Attack, Bite Attack, Spear Attack, Sling Attack, Javelin Attack, Track, Devise, Scan or Any Other Weapon+. They must have a POW of at least 15. Prospective candidates must also convince the examiners of their worth. + - it is very rare for a baboon to master a weapon not mentioned above, although it is possible as some baboons have been seen wielding swords and even shields. Convincing the examiners consists of calling an Ancestor by using the SUMMON ANCESTOR DIVINE SPELL. The candidate must then enter into spirit combat with the spirit, if he reduces the spirit's MP's to 3 or less, then the spirit will submit and become his allied spirit. Upon acceptance the Rune Lord must sacrifice another permanent point of it to gain a stronger link with their god.
  3. RESTRICTIONS Rune Lords of Grandfather Baboon must give 905 of their income to the cult and must spend 50% of their time on cult business.
  4. BENEFITS The Rune Lord will be given as much iron as possible by the cult
    (usually very little if any). They gain all the standard benefits of Rune
    Lords in RuneQuest. They usually house their allied spirits in trinkets, such as bones tied round their neck, feathers, etc.
        Rune Priests are more common than Rune Lords. Priests are quite
often Shamans as well, but not always. Priests are the healers of the family group and they teach the troop its spells. Priests are also used to communicate to the deceased members of their family. They are well respected and are allowed to command any of the group to do as they wish. Only Rune Lords have more clout in the group than do Priests. Larger baboon family groups often contain a few Priests while most smaller ones contain only one (and no Rune Lord). Priests may be male or female.
        Prospective candidates must be able to speak Baboon at 80%
and have a POW of at least 18. They must have been a loyal Initiate of the cult for at least 5 years and be in good standing with their Priest. If a candidate fulfills these requirements then he/she must pass the same spirit summoning test as a Rune Lord. Rune Priests do not need to sacrifice another permanent point of POW. Rune Priests are urged to become a shaman if they are not already.
        Rune Priest must sever any other cult connections. Rune Priests
are reduced to DEX * 5 for all non-cult DEX based skills. Priests must give 90% of their income to the cult and spend 90% of their time on cult business.
        D. BENEFITS
        Rune Priests may be a shaman. They get all the usual Priestly
        Because Grandfather Baboon isn't as powerful as most gods, Priests
don't have access to the standard Divine Magic. The ones they can obtain are - Divination, Divine Intervention, Extension, Mindlink, Spell Teaching, Spirit Block, Warding and Worship Grandfather Baboon.
        The cult has access to the Divine Spell of Sureshot and Shield

(see RuneQuest Magic Book). Due to Grandfather Baboon being an extension
of the Ancestor Worship cult, Grandfather Baboon's Priests gain access to all the Ancestor Worship Special Divine spells of Axis Mundi, Free Ghost, Gift Power, Gift Spell, Incarnate Ancestor, Resurrect (one-use), Spirit Guardian, Spirit Melding and Summon Ancestor.

        Grandfather Baboon has no subservient cults. Neither has Grandfather Baboon any spirits of retribution. If any member of the cult breaks cult law, they will be exiled from the family and community and even in some cases, hunted down and killed.


  1. DAKA FAL For obvious reasons Daka Fal is associated with Grandfather Baboon.
  2. GRANDFATHER MORTAL Grandfather Mortal is thought to have been Daka Fal during the divine age of the early creation. For this reason, Grandfather Baboon is obviously related.
  3. HYKIM Hykim, Father of Animals, is Grandfather Baboon's father. This explains their association.
  4. MISCELLANEOUS NOTES Baboons, like humans, have individual "families" in their lives, these are often called troops. Baboons also have a much more closely tied common ancestry than their human cousins, as a consequence of this, Grandfather Baboon teaches that all Baboon belong to one common family. Humans who have known of this cult often label it the Monkey God. As Grandfather Baboon was not a Monkey, this is incorrect. However, Grandfather Baboon also takes the place of the God of the Monkeys so there is some element of truth in these misunderstandings. In the past scholars have often thought that all Baboons worshiped their ancestors alone* (i.e. worshiped Daka Fal). With the information given above coming into light, we can see this is not correct. There is much to be learned about the Baboon's lifestyle and culture that is not already known. * - The cults of Grandfather Baboon and Daka Fal are so closely related that it is often hard to distinguish between the two when a service is being performed. Members of the respective cults can, of course, tell the difference.

CULT COMPATIBILITY (as of Cults of Terror table)

             D S W E   H S P Y   I C L O   K Z A  G*  P M B T V T C K N
             F B         M         A M     L Z    B   C     H     B
*Grandfather 4 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 1 3 - 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 Baboon

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