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Date: Tue 06 Aug 1991 - 09:56:33 EEST

For all you RuneQuesters in Finland out there (and there at least 5000 of you,

        [and 7 of you are on the Digest mailing list -- ACB] because at least 5000 copies of the Finnish translation of the rules were sold), some good news! The newest RQ release - and first original Gloranthan scenario pack in eight years - is to be translated into the Finnish tongue. Lauri Tudeer, who also publishes a Finnish RQ zine, is in charge of the production, which will probably feature the artwork of Mark Baldwin (whose work may be seen in recent issues of Tales of the Reaching Moon).

For more information about the Finnish version of SUN COUNTY, or Finnish RQ in general, contact:

Lauri Tudeer, Fantasiapelit Tudeer Oy Laulurastaanie 1 01450 Vantaa FINLAND

Fax No: 358-0-872-1682

It is also quite likely that SUN COUNTY will be translated into the French: I can't wait to see what wonders ORIFLAM will work with it, if their standard of their previous releases is maintained! Other language possibilities include Japanese and Spanish.

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