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Authors' Note: This is not an official RuneQuest cult!

MYTHOS AND HISTORY Jalmar Ironword was a Sword of Humakt and was for many years one of Arkat's must trusted lieutenants during the Hero's epic struggle against Gbaji. Originally from Dragon Pass, Jalmar journeyed to Seshnela with his Lightbringer allies to aid Arkat in the war. Jalmar's aid was vital for it was he who had discovered the full powers of Arkat's legendary sword *God-Cleaver*. Called the Unbreakable Sword, weilding it Arkat (said by some to be the son of Humakt) slew men and gods alike, gaining for himself awesome strengths and inhuman abilities.

Jalmar's close association with Arkat led to his Illumination; but Jalmar was ever true to his god Humakt and resisted the dark temptations of the Gbaji cult. When Arkat decided to break with his restrictive Hrestoli origins, it was Jalmar Ironword who inducted him into the Humakt cult. As a Humakti Arkat found new allies, and the chaos armies were pushed further and further back towards Dorastor, Gbaji's homeland.

However, after Arkat abandoned Humakt to become a troll Jalmar became disheartened with his lord's excesses and returned to Dragon Pass. It was here that he founded the Order of the Knights of Truth, which was renamed the Brotherhood of Jalmar after his death. This order of Illuminated sword-brothers was founded to battle chaos and suppress the influence of Gbaji and the Dark Side in Dragon Pass.

Although horrified by Arkat-Kingtroll's shocking actions, Jalmar could not turn his back on the son of Humakt and returned to Dorastor with a legion of his followers to aid the Hero in the final, terrible battle with Gbaji. Jalmar along with most of his followers was slain in the tumultuous conflict, although Arkat emerged victorious.

Through careful preparation, Jalmar's soul passed into the Heroplane instead of Hell, and was later contacted by his few surviving followers who established his Hero-cult.         

Jalmar Ironword gains an association with the runes of Truth and Mastery from his connection with the Bright Side of Nysalor, and shares the Death rune of his master Humakt.

THE CULT IN THE WORLD To this day, the Jalmari remain a secret brotherhood of Illuminated Humakti, who strive to uphold all that is good and noble while eradicating those who follow the Dark path in all its manifestations. The Brotherhood may be found in Humakti temples throughout the Dragon Pass region and elsewhere, but the Hero-cult is small and highly secretive. Even other Humakti in a temple that contains a chapter of the Order should not be aware of its existence. Inquisitive outsiders who learn too much are either inducted into the Brotherhood, bound by Oathes or slain. No amount of Divination or mind-reading will reveal a Brother of Jalmar, for their Illuminated status will prevent this.

Worship services are conducted in secret on a predetermined day of Truth week every season. The Order's High Holy Day is Godday, Sacred Time; marking the date of Jalmar's apotheosis.  

INITIATE MEMBERSHIP (Brothers of Jalmar) Members are usually drawn from the ranks of the Humakti, and must be at least an initiate of this cult. Candidates from other cults may still be approached to join the Brotherhood, but are inducted into Humakt during the initiation ritual. Jalmari may join any other lawful cult they feel will aid them in their work.

The Brotherhood is unique in that a person cannot actively seek to join it. Instead, suitable candidates are approached by the Jalmari after an investigation is carried out to determine their worthiness as members of the Order. If the prospective initiate is not an Illuminate, the investigation will only take a week in most cases. In the instance of candidates who are Illuminates however, the Brotherhood has to be more careful for they know the temptations of the Dark Side and must be certain of a person's motives. In both cases the Order's special magics will be employed to determine the suitability, reliability, sincerity and honesty of potential converts.

Once a candidate has been thoroughly vetted by the Brotherhood, he will be secretly approached and asked to join the ranks of the Jalmari. If the candidate refuses he will be made to swear a powerful *Oath* (as per the Humakt divine spell) to not reveal the existence of the Brotherhood or any of its members. Because the Order is very thorough in its investigations, candidates who refuse to join are very rare. Such persons will be carefully watched for ever afterward, to ensure they are not tempted by the Dark Side.         

The initiation ritual takes place in a Humakti temple, during Truth week. Converts who are not yet Illuminated will attain this state of consciousness during the ritual. All converts must sacrifice a point of POW to Jalmar, and to show their steadfast devotion must voluntarily promise to take on another Humakti geas. They do not obtain the corresponding benefit of the geas. (Note that because they are Illuminates, the Jalmari may break their geases without fear of retribution. However, to do so is contrary to the tenets of the Brotherhood; for by breaking a geas, an Illuminate opens himself to the further temptations of the Dark Side.)

Brothers of Jalmar vow to uphold both the ideals of their Order, and those of Humakt. They must never waive in their fight against chaos and evil. They must remain in good standing in any other cults they choose to join, as long as these affiliations do not impede the cultist in his fight against chaos and evil. For example, a Jalmari would not be expected to uphold the Code of Humakt when fighting an evil or chaotic foe, nor would he be expected to honour the fallen if they be chaotic or evil beings.

Because the motivations of sorcery are perceived to be selfish and amoral, Jalmari are not encouraged to practise the sorcerous arts. In any case they are forbidden to become apprentices, adepts or magi.

Brothers are expected to tithe a further 10% of their income to the Order, in addition to their tithes to Humakt. On each holy day they devote up to 5 magic points to Jalmar, and are expected to come to the service of the Brotherhood at a moment's notice. They must come to the aid of another Jalmari if requested, and must unquestioningly obey the commands of the Order's rune masters- the Knights of Jalmar.

Jalmari are always able to recognize each other, through subtle differences in character, voice and gesture. Likewise, they are able to identify other Illuminates in the same manner.

The Jalmari obtain skill training and spell teaching commesurate with their rank in the Humakt cult. However, if one of their Humakti superiors is also a member of the Brotherhood, they may gain priority in teaching time. In addition, the Brotherhood will teach its converts the unique spirit magic spell of *Blade Protection* which Jalmar refined after researching the amazing history of the Unbreakable Sword. Brothers are initially taught 1 point of the spell free, and may learn further points of the spell at the usual cult price. It is never taught to anyone outside the Order.

BLADE PROTECTION Variable; Ranged, Temporal, Passive.

This spell will add 5 armour points per point of spell on any bladed weapon (such as a sword). This protection is effective against any sort of damage including acid.

RUNE LORDS (Knights of Jalmar) Rune Lords of the Brotherhood are the embodiment of Justice and upholders of Law. The life-task of a Knight is the vanquishing of evil and chaos in any of its manifestations, particularly that of the Dark Side of Gbaji. Knights roam the world ruthlessly and efficiently rooting out chaos and evil. They are also responsible for the seeking out and recruiting of new members, and must ensure no member strays from the path of Law and Justice. They are the epitome of the Light Side of Nysalor.

Knights of Jalmar must meet all the requirements to become a Sword of Humakt (see Cults Book p.41), and indeed to all but his fellow Brothers, this will appear to be what he is. The Knight gains the gift for whatever geas he volunarily undertook to abide by when he first became a Brother of the Order, in addition to at least one more gift and geas.

A Knight must never allow chaotic creatures to roam unchecked and must attempt to destroy any creatures of chaos he finds. He must keep a fervent tab on all Illuminates he encounters, to determine where their sympathies lie. Those found to be agents of the Dark Side must be slain with haste, to prevent their subtle riddlings infecting others.

Knights of Jalmar have access to all the divine spells of the Humakt cult, in addition to those described below. Through Jalmar's association with Arkat, they have access to many Heroquesting rituals. Knights of Jalmar must never learn or use chaotic magics, and at least once per season enter into a *Mind Link* with another Knight (or experienced initiate if no other Knights are available). The *Mind Link* enables them to share each others' thoughts and thus verify if each other is maintaining the Order's vows.

*Special Cult Divine Magic*

WORSHIP JALMAR ritual (ceremony); non-stackable, reusable.

CLEAR MIND 1-point spell; ranged, temporal, non-stackable, reusable.

This spell grants the recipient all benefits of Illumination for 15 minutes. Once the spell expires the subject will retain but a hazy memory of the last quarter-hour. *Clear Mind* is primarily used in the course of investigating prospective converts, to determine their behavior if they were ever to become Illuminated. The spell is often used in conjuction with *Read Mind*.

A successful INT x 3 roll by the recipient of the spell will count as one correctly solved Nysalor Riddle, but only one such riddle can be answered through the use of this spell.

GM ADVICE: Ask the player under the effects of *Cloud Mind* what his intentions are now that he is "illuminated".

CLOUD MIND 1-point spell; ranged, temporal, non-stackable, conditonally reusable.         

This spell is the reverse of *Clear Mind*, and will affect only those who are Illuminated. If the magic points of the target are overcome all benefits of Illumination will be removed for the duration of the spell. *Cloud Mind* has several uses. Firstly, it can be cast at an enemy Illuminate before he can discover that the caster is an Illuminate also. Secondly, it can used upon another Jalmari if the caster deems that he has performed a reprehensible action worthy of punishment. Once affected by this spell, the victim is susceptable to his other cults' spirits of retribution.

In truly exceptional circumstances, this spell may be used to excommunicate a Brother from the Order. The victim loses all benefits of Illumination permanently. Although in this case the target's Magic Points do not need to be overcome, the spell becomes one-use.

READ MIND 3-point spell; range-30m, temporal, non-stackable, reusable.

This spell confers the ability to the caster to read the conscious thoughts of the victim without his consent. The victim will remain unaware his thoughts are being read unless he makes a roll on d100 under his INT. A successful MP verses MP roll must be made for this spell to operate.

THE JALMAR CULT IN PAVIS A chapter of the Order is said to have existed in the hey-day of Old Pavis (c.850 - 940), according to the secret records of the cult kept in Dragon Pass. However, when several Brothers came to Dorasor's newly-founded Pavis-Outside-the-Walls in 1550, they could find no trace of the Jalmar Ironword cult in the ruins of Pavis Rubble. Although privy to Heroquesting mysteries and rituals of fabulous power (most of which have been lost), the Jalmari of Old Pavis were believed to have perished during the five centuries of strife and invasion the city had suffered at the hands of nomads and trolls. Nevertheless, the modern Jalmari are certain the secrets of the old chapter lie buried somewhere in the Rubble. Among their most prized possessions is a rough diagram of the Old Brotherhood's meeting-house, borrowed from the secret cult records of Dragon Pass. The building was said to have been situated in what is now known as the "Oldtown" area of the Manside ruins. Posing as bandits, the Brotherhood maintain an old fortified mansion (type B ruin) here as their base to comb the ruins. So far they have had no luck. When last they attempted a full-scale (yet covert) excavation of a likely site rumours abounded in the taverns and dives of New Pavis. Oldtown has pestered by treasure-hungry adventurers and Lunar agents ever since.

Another major objective of the Order to probe the mysteries of the enigmatic Puzzle Canal. Puzzle Canal was built by the demi-god Labrygon the Illuminate in ancient times, and is said to be an elaborate Nysalor Riddle. The Brotherhood have sponsored several expeditions into the canal, and know at least as much information about it as the Lhankor Mhy sages.

Although the Humakt cult maintained a mantle of neutrality, the Jalmari used their status in Humakt to strenuously oppose the chaos-embracing Lunars' encroachment. When New Pavis was taken in 1610 many of its members were forced to take refuge in the Rubble. Some (including the only Knight of Jalmar in Pavis) remain there to this day. The chapter is covertly linked to the Free Pavis faction, who seek the city's independance. The Brotherhood share this goal, but are subtlely using their influence to alter the faction's emphasis to a more active, belligerent form of resistance.

Approximately one-fifth of the Humakti in Pavis are secret members of the Brotherhood, led by the Sword of Humakt/Knight of Jalmar General Caspian Vur. The other Humakti in Pavis are of course unaware of the hero-cult's existence. In his role as a commander of the Pavis Royal Guard, General Vur was active in the defense of the city against the Lunars and has been declared an outlaw. Because of the price on his head, General Vur cannot openly return to New Pavis. He remains at the Order's domicile in Manside, co-ordinating the Brotherhood's activities from there.

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