What there might be in Prax Pack

From: MOB
Date: Wed 07 Aug 1991 - 09:56:33 EEST

Some Idle Speculation From The Creature Whose Initials Are M.O.B.

What's going to be in PRAX PACK? I don't know, but I can guess. First of all, I reckon PRAX will be a source pack (like Elder Secrets), rather than a scenario pack (such as Snakepipe Hollow). If my guess is correct, then I expect the contents to be something along these lines.

CULTS: The Praxian Cults are Eiritha, Foundchild, Gagarth, Storm Bull, Waha. Ergo, I imagine there will be a full cult-write up on all these religions, much like the write-up of Cacaodemon and Bloody Tusk in Elder Secrets.

SPIRIT CULTS: Here's a list of all the Praxian spirit cults I can think of: Brother Dog, Dew Woman, Evening Star, Father of Independents, Frog Woman, Good Shepherd, Hyena, Lightning Boy, Mistress Clam, Morning Star, Pole Star, Rainbow Girl, Raven, River Horse, Ronance, Sun Hawk, Three Bean Circus, Thunder Bird, White Princess. I hope there will be some information on all of these in PRAX PACK too, perhaps along the lines of the cult descriptions in Gods of Glorantha.

TRIBES: The main tribes of Prax - Sable, Bison, Impala, High Llama and Morokanth - will no doubt receive comprehensive coverage. The Genertela Book tells us there are about a dozen more independent tribes; hopefully they will be described too. These smaller tribes could include Baboons, Basmoli Berserks, Bolo Lizards, Cannibal Cult, Agimori, Ostrich, Rhinoceros, Unicorn, Zebra and others.

CREATURES OF PRAX: Flora and fauna peculiar to Prax includes alticamelus, giant baboon, bison, bolo lizard, bullstitch, buzzard, chaos gas, herd men, hyena, impala, jackrabbit, morokanth, newtlings, ostrich, rhinoceros, sable, skullbush, spicegrass, whirvlish. Will PRAX PACK feature stats and descriptions of these? Hope so.

SPECIAL ENCOUNTERS: We find the Devil's Hand, Five Great Treasures, Hidden or Lost Tribes, Medicine Bundles and perhaps even the Eternal Battle in PRAX PACK. The monster Cwim is another Praxian landmark, but was covered in Elder Secrets so it possibly won't appear again. (Then again, the same cult of Kyger Litor write-up has been in *three* supplements already, so maybe Cwim will rear its ugly head again!)

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