Tails of the Reeking Moan, Volume 7, Number 3

From: Andrew Bell (bell@cs.unc.edu)
Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

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RQDIGESTV07N03 First Distribution: November 21, 1991

This issue:

	A Sun Dome Joke					MOB
	Speculations on Truestone			Robert J. McArthur
	Latest Developments Regarding RQ		MOB
	Blank Cult: Cult Format for RQIII		Troy Bankert
	What There Might Be In Prax Pack		Troy Bankert
	An Opinion on the White Moon and "She Who Waits"Troy Bankert
	Prosopaedia Expansion				Troy Bankert
	A Comment on MOB's Character Assassinations	Troy Bankert
	Finnish RuneQuest				MOB
	Making Vampires Frightening			Maurice Beyke
	RuneQuest Stuff for FTP				David Gadbois

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