WHAT THERE MIGHT BE IN PRAX PACK: An addition to MOB's article in RQ DIGEST Vol.6 No.12.

From: Troy Bankert (TSL@cs.MU.OZ.AU)
Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

WHAT THERE MIGHT BE IN PRAX PACK: An addition to MOB's article in RQ DIGEST Vol.6 No.12.

By Troy Bankert [via MOB, via Tim Leask TSL@csMU.OZ.AU.]

I am in favour of Prax Pack being split into at least two books, one of which has the mundane material, and the other which includes the cults, spirit cults, etc.

MOB's list in his article (Vol.6 No.12) was actually incomplete - the Praxian spirit cults he missed include (at the least) the Great Rhino, the Pure Horse Founder, Twin Stars, Redwood, the Grandmother of Spiders, Helpwoman, Frog Woman, Oakfed, Cannibal Cult, and Mahome, all of whom are mentioned either in PAVIS, NOMAD GODS or CULTS OF PRAX as a spirit of Prax (the Great Rhino is most obscure, with one mention under the Seventeen Foes of Waha in PAVIS).

The Cult Section should probably also include Thed and Malia, since they are also major cults in Prax, even if only to the broos, and I would include an Oakfed write-up. And a couple of spirits which are implied are Condor, the Skin of Basmol, and Ostrich. Finally, in NOMAD GODS there are *seven* Great Magics of Prax, not five as MOB mentioned (although Greg Stafford never did answer my question as to what the other two were; I am certain the Book of Dale is not one, and doubt that the Lion Skin is either). All would have spirit cult worship.

Finally, there are the Pavis gods and spirits to consider, including the oft-mentioned but never-seen Sun Dragon. I guess they're planning on putting them in the PAVIS revision, hunh?

As a second thought, perhaps John should expand the whole thing and sent it to AH as a scenario pack. He could expand on some of the scenario hooks, and perhaps Greg Stafford/CHAOSIUM could help fill in the details.

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