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Like the French, the Finns have embraced RQ in a big way. Finnish RQ appeared on the market in 1988, and some 5000 copies of the Basic Rules have been sold in that language since. To compare, an Avalon Hill print-run is only 5,000 copies of a supplement, and that is for English-language sales world-wide! The Finnish supplements include Apple Lane, Snakepipe Hollow, Troll Realms, Griffin Island, Gods of Glorantha, Elder Races Book (from Elder Secrets), Munchrooms (from Trollpak), Campaign Map (from Trollpak), RQ Cities, Glorantha: Genertela and Riimumestarin Kirja (Advanced RQ rules). A new "Deluxe" version of the rules is to be published in 1992.

Eight RPGs have been translated into Finnish - RQ, D&D, MERP, 2300 AD, Twilight 2000, Cyberpunk 2020, Battletech and Astra - but Lauri Tudeer of Fantasiapelit (who publish RQ in Finland) tells me RuneQuest is the most popular. This is borne out in a recent gamers' survey in the Finnish RPG magazine MAGUS, which has RQ out in front by a long shot.

Fantasiapelit would dearly like to translate the RQ2 supplements Pavis, Big Rubble, etc. but are only permitted to release material that has appeared in the RQ3 format. Lauri has great hopes of Ken Rolston, that he will re-release the RQ2 material that everyone has been waiting so long for.

Other planned releases in Finnish include my own Sun County (featuring the artwork of Tales of the Reaching Moon's very own Mark Baldwin) and Troll Gods. Fantasiapelit use their own layout and artists, except for most of the covers which are the same as the Avalon Hill versions.

MAGUS #9 March, 1991. A4, monthly. 50pp. 25 mk. [Finnish] This is the Finnish RPG pro-zine, produced by Fantasiapelit Oy, who also publish the Finnish language version of RQ. Magus is of a professional standard, with glossy full-colour covers and some very classy art. The maps too, are a treat.

Magus takes in a variety of RPGs, including those not yet in translation. RQ gets a good coverage in the three issues I've seen (#7, #8, #9), with issue #9 featuring an article set in Dorastor and a lengthy scenario by Mark Morrison [in Finnish] which will soon appear in Tales of the Reaching Moon [in English!]. My Read Finnish is even worse than David Hall's 2% Read Swedish, so I can't tell you much more!

Contact: Magus/Jyrki Tudeer, Rauhankatu 1 c A 1, 20100, TURKU, Finland.

P.S. An article of mine recently appeared in an edition of MAGUS (#9). At the end of the article, there was a small boxed section which mentions my name, but I can't read it as I have no Finnish. I am curious to know what is says though. If anyone can read Finnish, could you please have a go at this and tell me what it says:

Toutteen Tekijosto Edello ollutta seikkailus ei ole aiemmin julkaistu *missoon* julkaisussa. Michael O'Brien on pitkoon pelannut RQ: a ja tekee myos Avalon Hillille toysimittaisia seikkailuja. O'Brienin tekemio RuneQuest-artikkeleita on myos seuraavissa Maguksissa.

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