RQ material available for anonymous FTP

From: David Gadbois (gadbois@CS.UTEXAS.EDU)
Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

I have put a bunch of RuneQuest material up for anonymous FTP on cs.utexas.edu []. It is in the directory /pub/ops5/gadbois in the file RQ-stuff-v1.tar.Z. For reasons too inane to mention, the ops5 directory does not allow for listings; connect directly with "cd /pub/ops5/gadbois/" so as to avoid confusion. I will update the version number whenever new stuff appears.

Of particular interest are the new cult write descriptions scrounged up by Oliver Jovanovic and scanned in by Mike Derry. A complete listing of the archive follows:


--David Gadbois

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