From: Michael O'Brien (MOB)
Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

Greg Stafford will be attending Necronomicon IV in Sydney, Australia on 2-5th October 1991 as Guest of Honour. Greg will be presenting a series of talks over the weekend, and hosting a prepublication demonstration of *Glorantha: The Game*. Necronomicon is one of the most popular roleplaying conventions in Australia, and features a number of unusual events at the leading edge of roleplaying, including systemless freeforms and live-action trollball! For more information about NECRO contact:

John Hughes

10/28 Frencham Street,

Downer ACT 2602

AUSTRALIA To help contribute towards Greg's travel costs, there will be a special RQ Auction at Arcanacon X convention to be held in Melbourne, Australia on 16th-19th July. Items to be flogged include rare and ancient RQ2 supplements and (gasp!) a copy of *The Gloranthan Encyclopedia*! For an Arcanacon brochure write to:

Random Inc.

Arcanacon X,

PO Box 125,

Parkville VIC 3052

AUSTRALIA. Arcanacon is hosting three single-session RQ tournaments; Necro is likely to hold a major RQ tournament and an introductory RQ session set in Sun County entitled MAD PRAX: BEYOND SUN DOME.

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