From: Michael O'Brien (MOB)
Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

Robin Jenkins, Managing Editor of Roleplaying Games at Avalon Hill, has provided the following biographical details about the SUN COUNTY artists:

MERLE INSINGA Merle is a long-time science fiction and fantasy artist whose work has seen print in a number of fan and professional publications. Convention-goers will recognize her work from a number of Boskone programs, Noreascon programs and "LA in `96 World SF Con" campaigns. Merle has also done the illustrations for Planetary Magick by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips and The Best of James Schmitz, edited by Mark L. Olon. A gamer and RQ fan from way back, Merle lives with her husband and two children in Nashua, New Hampshire. Merle is responsible for the interior illustrations in SUN COUNTY.

ROGER RAUPP As the former Art Director for DRAGON(TM) magazine, Roger Raupp needs little introduction. His distinctive style has graced the covers of many DRAGON issues, as well as the covers of Dungeon* Adventures and Amazing Stories and various AD&D(TM) game supplements. Since leaving TSR in 1988, Roger has worked as a freelance artist for a number of companies, including Mayfair Games, TSR, and of course, Avalon Hill. Roger lives in rural Dodgeville, Wisconsin, with his girlfriend and a houseful of cats. Roger is the cover artist for SUN COUNTY, and is responsible for a few interior diagrams.

(MOB: And damn fine they are too!)

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