RuneQuest Digest Volume 8, no 1, Epilogue

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Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

Still residing in Nochet: (coming soon)

 From: David Cheng <> Subject: RQ Digest submission: Alternate Rune Magic Comments: Can someone in touch with David Cheng try to get get a

	correct mail address for me?   Both and bounce with `host unknown'
Subject: Dragonewt Table file 1 of 1
 From: Peter Maranci <trystro!rune@Think.COM> Subject: RQ Discussion - When can a player D.I. ?  From: Tim Leask <>

 From: steve@tfs.COM (Steve Maurer)
Subject: Cult of Arin (ah-Rin) the Smuggler

Published in RQ discussion 37:

 From: steve@tfs.COM (Steve Maurer)
Subject: Cult of Misarde - God of Nightmares

 From: steve@tfs.COM (Steve Maurer)
Subject: Cult of The Sky River Titan

 From: (Paul Reilly) Subject: Re: RQ discussion

In volume 8, issue 0:
Subject: Tales Of The Reaching Moon [ISSUE 7 out now]  From: Tim Leask <>

 From: David Cheng <> Subject: Convulsion...

 From: "Roderick Robertson, SC1-5, x52936" <> Subject: Review of Sun County

 From: dogwood! (Warren E. Taylor) Subject: A RuneQuestion


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