RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 2

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Date: Thu 21 Nov 1991 - 09:56:33 EET

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	Arganth	 	-	Trickster stuff			[ed]
	Nick Brooke	-	Yaks and Books and Things That Go Bump
			-	Lunar Cults & Founders
	Sam Phillips 	-	General Rant. I Love RuneQuest..
	Lewis Jardine	-	God Learners, Mythology and Us!


	It's been silent for a while on the Digest.
	This is a selection of Gloranthan stuff [again].

	I could probably collate 200k (around 8 issues of
	digest) about a recent discussion of sorcery.
	Is anyone interested?  Is any of the current
	subscribers interested in digesting/summarising
	the dailies by theme?

	Current themes on the daily are: Glorantha, Sorcery,
	    God Learners.

	Tell me what you'd like to see.

	[ed] indicates that I changed the title

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