Red Moon, Glasnsost and AD&D

From: Tom Zunder (
Date: Tue 09 Feb 1993 - 23:05:00 EET

Although KoS is a pain and a blessing I think it leaves a broad area for interpretation. I certainly am considering that Argrath may be a composite. Also the fall of the Lunar Empire may well have far more to do with internal dissension than Argrath. I suspect that we may be guilty of seeing a purely Orlanthi view of it all. If Greg produces a Lunar view which is more sophisticated (the Lunars should have left better records) then we might know.

I liked the idea that the Red Moon was still there and although the future felt secular I might decided that in fact other bits, ie Peloria are in better nick. I think Greg did the best and worst he could with KoS. We all wanted to know but couldn't accept it in game mechanics or an RQ supplement.

Could we keep AD&D out of this digest. I don't want a flamewar but Zorak Zoran may be unleashed if such heresies are let loose again.

Non-Glorantha: I think that non-Glorantha is a good idea, but that it needs a coherent background. Alternate Earth was a good idea and if developed would have been enjoyable as the "other" setting. It needs a rider in each book saying that one can leave out the RQ magic if it grates (it does most of my players in a non-G setting). Non-specific settings such as Daughters or Eldarad are pointless.

I have to say I would like to see Questworld redeveloped. I enjoyed that and would like to have seen it grow. That would be a good place for alterantive magic systems and cultures.

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