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Date: Tue 09 Feb 1993 - 18:52:07 EET

> the unfortunately dull but informative "King of Sartar"

Too true!

> "You mean," my quickest player replied, "that events in Glorantha are
> predestined to occur?"

> I nodded slightly, unsure of a proper answer.

> "And," continued the player, "our heroes have no real chance to become true
> Gloranthan heroes and have their names hailed by future generations."

So what's new - it's been open knowledge since 1978 that Argrath Dragon(spear|tooth|friend) would free Sartar (probably around 1640ST, according to the earliest references I have) - not Kathreda of the Three Earths (my own favourite Gloranthan PC), or Thane Duntris of the Brenholme clan (the notional leader of that PC group).

This sort of thing - the fact that the PCs are inevitably moving in the shadows of greater figures - is one of the other reasons (beside players dissatisifed with RQ as mentioned above) that all the Glorantha campaigns I've been in have been short lived.

> a non-zero possibility that the Lunar Empire doesn't get destroyed?"

Perestroika aside, I've read in recent (but pre KoS) issues of _Alarums & Excursions_ some other alternatives - one posting by Steve Marsh listed 8 possible paths by which the White Moon would arise; another by Rob Heinsoo suggested a real turn-up from the books in a mutual abdication by Orlanth and the Red Goddess (leaving a _very_ strange white moon that appears occasionally in the sky, with no-one ever noticing its arrival); or my own proposal of a mutual annihilation as the Red Moon moved to battle in the heart of the Orlanth storm pinwheel (following the Dwarf prophecy in the Glorantha/Genertela book).

> Argrath could have been several people. After all, he did live for an
> extraordinary long time - a few hundred years or so.

I recall at least one reference (in respect to Jar-Eel) of the having obtained "the HeroQuester's goal of avoiding age"

> "You mean then," said the Storm Bull player, "that there is a non-zero
> chance that I could be the Argrath-person who defeats the Lunar empire?"

Just drop Garrath Sharpsword (the well known anagram) from your version on Pavis.

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