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Date: Fri 12 Feb 1993 - 08:00:18 EET

Unfair? *Unfair*?

Between you and a previous poster, I see I didn't quite make my point...or more to the point, some people ;) missed the forest because of the trees.

The subject "Everything Stafford Says Is Wrong" is absolutely true, and you yourself already accept that when you say

> As I understand Stafford has been trying to avoid giving a one-true-path
> Glorantha.

EXACTLY! The whole point of that post was a response to a previous poster (either here or on r.g.f.m) that Glorantha was boring because everything was set in stone by Stafford.

Admittedly, at first glance, this looks to be true, and I was relating my own path of illumination from that very same feeling to the realization that Stafford had, indeed, done the exact *opposite*, as proven by KoS.

Stafford has been wrong, and has always been wrong, about everything he has ever told anyone, save perhaps Sandy Peterson, about what really happens in Gloranthan myth. But, that's *fine*. That's the Way It Should Be(tm). What do we *care* about what *really* happened? Stafford probably doesn't *really* know, either. He just has "ideas."

[GOD LEARNER STUFF FOLLOWS - AVERT YOUR EYES OR SUFFER ETERNAL PAIN] Take Orlanth. Was Orlanth always a God? No, I don't think so. The Orlanthi myth even hints that he wasn't ("When Orlanth was just a Godling, and had no inkling of his powers." paraphrased, KoS, Orlanthi Mythology) Just some person who eventually apotheosized. Just like all the rest of the gods.

Was there really a GodTime? No, probably not. Did Orlanth really kill the Yelm? Probably not...though perhaps for several years Glorantha fell into near-synchronous orbit with another planet(oid) and the sun was eclipsed. It couldn't last too long, though, becase *everything* would die. Maybe a decade.

But what about the Block? The Spike had to explode to land on the Devil, right? No. Pure luck. Some big planetoid (perhaps even the one that was eclipsing Glorantha (or maybe just Dragon Pass) finally fell to earth. Maybe it's radioactive. Maybe it's a Rama-like alien spaceship.

But Prax was once a garden, now its wasteland, explain that! The water table was drained away by a crack in the crust formed when the Block crashed into the earth. No ground water, no life.

[END OF GOD LEARNER SECTION] So, the next time your players complain about Glorantha being stale or immobile or immutable, quote the mantra:

"Everything Stafford says is wrong."

If it doesn't illuminate you, at the very least it will pacify your players.


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