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Date: Mon 15 Feb 1993 - 23:00:00 EET

Greg is wrong, Greg is right, Greg is actually a good boy for making sure it's intenally inconsistent. I remember the inteview he did with GamesMaster International and the comments in TOTRM that he wanted to end the obsessive need to follow the "one true way". Basically I think most events up to 1621 are roughly as we all know, beyond that (and before that if you want) you can do what you like. I suggest that Greg make the Lunar book disagree even further with KoS.

Godlearner bit:

I can see such ideas on a secular Godlearner basis but why? Why not have a real fantasy world? Obviously the gods are not unchangeable and reflect their worshippeers, but I'd rather believe in a true core factual reality to it all.


I repeat, most people I know play more non-Glo than Glo RQ. They like the game and do not like the restricted feel of Glorantha. Many do not want to have to gen up on Glo mythology, after all a Glo hack can scare most casual visitors to death quite soon. They like the game system and the feel. Some people half like Glorantha but half hate it and reconstruct a similar but different world of their own. I like the multiverse hopping of M Moorcock and I'd like to pop between tzunder world 1 and Glorantha. I could use GURPS and I did run some GURPS Glorantha, but I actually think RQ is a better system.


Let's create more rumours, shall we?

  1. Hallgrim Ironfist, Storm Kahn of the Pol Joni has been possessed by a fear spirit and captured by the Dark Sea clan of Morokanth. They say he's been turned into a herdman. His colleague of some years, Darth Jophayn is rumoured to have been contacted by the Storm Bulls to help in a rescue atempt.
  2. Belvani and Penta Goldbreath have become very friendly recently.




Tom Zunder. A man who pays his own system time, Argan Argar damn it!


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