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Date: Wed 17 Feb 1993 - 01:17:23 EET

Clay {God} L{earner}: :-)
> Was there really a GodTime?

Tricky. But if the Godtime wasn't, what was it? If you see what I mean. Prehistory? Just a lota myths?

> Did Orlanth really kill the Yelm?

From my reading of the mythology bit in KoS, the Orlanthi don't seem to believe the Lesser Darkness was entirely sun-free, or at least it's not stated as such. Just an irrelevant (and false?) observation.

> Probably not...though perhaps for several years Glorantha fell into
> near-synchronous orbit with another planet(oid) and the sun was eclipsed.

Planetoids? Orbits?? Another round-earth krank, obviously. Reconcile Glorantha as a planet and the Elder Secrets stuff on the (substantially whacky) Gloranthan sky, and I'll give you a coconut (among other things :->).

> "Everything Stafford says is wrong."
> If it doesn't illuminate you, at the very least it will pacify your players.

Tsk. "Ignorance and fear, fear and ignorance!" Oops, wrong Rolston project.


This week's Mammoth RuneQuest Continuity Error: In episode 3 of the Troubled Waters scenario, anyone notice that Gautama actually _talks_ to the player characters? Whoops. And this from the man who follows his cult vows "excessively". (As the Light Keeper, he is only allowed to deal with other Light Priests, if we believe the cult writeup.) More honoured in the breach than in the observance? Or do I misparse the phrase "Non-Light Priests", which could be taken several ways?

By the way, no specific credits are given for the scenario. Who do we blame? Greg, since Everything He Says Is Wrong? {\extrabroad :-)}


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