Volume 10, no 5: Paul Honigmann update (includes quiz)

From: RuneQuest-Request@glorantha.holland.sun.com
Date: Mon 20 Dec 1993 - 01:10:33 EET


	Paul Honigmann  -   Elves
			    Fire/Sky religious knowledge test
			    NPC ideas
			    cult of Yara Aranis
			    thoughts on White Moon

	Forwarded through Mark Buckley (Mystic Musk Ox).

    Notes on RQ-Tekumel:

        I've received Sandy's Ascii-script. It is *long*,     and when we can resolve some copyright issues, there     may be even more (this involves monster descriptions     and such).

        During the next week, I will reformat the text as     appropriate for the Digest.

        It appears most of you can't read... I asked for     response from those people who did NOT want to receive     these rules. Instead, the daily and my mailbox overflow     with responses from people who *do* want to receive it...

        So far I did receive two exclusion requests. If     you definitely do *not* want to receive 100kbytes -     five full-size daily/digest parts - say so now.

May your gods be with you,


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