Important People in Pavis

From: Clay Luther (
Date: Fri 05 Feb 1993 - 07:17:52 EET

Can anyone submit a glossary of important people in Pavis not mentioned in RoC? For instance, I'd like to know the names and thumbnail descriptions of the important members of several temples (Lightbringers, esp.).

I noticed while reading Sun County (in the Garhound adventure) that the author mentions a Lankhor Mhy priest(ess?) of some importance. However, he doesn't describe this person anywhere else. I only assume that this is supposed to be the Pavis priest come down for the contest and festivities.

Also, on a side note, Garhound seemed to conveniently have a large number of earth-related priestesses and acolytes standing around. I assumed they came from other villages/areas, but the author also didn't speak to this. I assumed this to be reasonable, since, after all, the Lunar Governor is coming to what I first read as a podunk little festival. Then again, when I think about it, I guess it's not unlikely that the governor of New Mexico might show up at the Hillsboro Apple Festival or the governor of Texas heading down to Terlingua for the chili cook-off. Any comments?


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