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From: Rob Mace (mace@lum.asd.sgi.com)
Date: Sun 02 May 1993 - 20:53:55 EEST

> mace@lum.asd.sgi.com (Rob Mace) writes in response to Ken Rolston:
> > Ken, doesn't your focus on entry-level products, not fit with your
> > statement that people that don't have RQ2 stuff are not a big market.
> Rob has a good point. I would take it the other direction, though. Rob
> doesn't think that entry level scenarios, such as RoC and Sun County,
> appeal to seasoned RQ players because they repeat old material. I
> agree, somewhat, but think that longtime players will still buy them
> because they want the relatively small proportion of new material
> *and* they don't want to ruin their valuable old collectors' items.

Some of the old RQ players like myself will buy them. But a lot more will not. Of the RQ players I know (all old timers) about 30% bought RoC and SC. About 80-90% bought GoG and Glorantha. The reason for this was the major lack of new info except for the beginning scenarios. Also, it is not just the fact that the scenarios were beginning. Most old gamers I know are not that interested in buying scenarios. They have been playing long enough that they don't have problems coming up with their own.

> Rob concludes that AH should concentrate on deep background and
> advanced scenarios because that will appeal to the longtime RQ
> players. I think this is an important market segment to attack, but
> it's only a significant market in England, the rest of europe, and in
> Australia. There are too few active RQ players in the US to support
> these kinds of products. Read the Petersen interview (or was it a
> Stafford interview?) in TotRM for background on this. To sell in the
> US you will need introductory products that appeal to new RQ players,
> and you'll need to promote RQ3 so that new RQ players can find copies
> easily.

I agree with the idea that RoC and SC are better for attracting new players. I just found Ken's assertion that new players was not a big market, to be in conflict with what he was publishing.

I want RQ to succeed, and not die. For it to do that it need to make money for AH. If that means publishing products such as RoC and SC, then I am all for it. I would rather RQ live and publish stuff that is not the ultimate in what I want to see, then to have it die. However if these are not the types of products that are going to bring in the sales then I think Ken should make a change.

> The old
> scenarios are perfect for beginners, and they are collectors items
> that longtime players would also purchase so that they don't have to
> get their pristine copies of Cults of Prax all dog-eared. The old
> scenarios would not be dogs, they would not sit on the shelf, they
> would sell to both groups. The only people who might lose money would
> be the profiteers who have hoarded copies of the old scenarios and
> force people who want to use them in games to pay collectors' prices.

And those poor people that bought from one of the profiteers just before the repint came out. Before the Troll Pack reprint I saw copies of the original sell for $70 and saw asking prices of $150. At the last DunDraCon an original copy was in the dealers room for $20 and did not sell.

> > You mentioned to me at DunDraCon that Sun County, and RoC had not sold
> > any better then Daughter's and Eldarad. Perhaps this is one of the
> > reasons.
> I think the reason why Sun County and RoC didn't sell is because RQ
> has been invisible for so long that nobody except the fanatics pay it
> any attention.

But why did they not sell better then Daughter's and Eldarad?

> Hell, I couldn't convince *THE COMPLEAT STRATEGIST* to
> even order ONE COPY of ROC so that I could buy it.

At least around here(SF Bay area, California) it is not that bad. Here RQ just gets poor shelf space so you have to search for it.

Adrian Brownlow writes:
> By the way I like the idea of cults being printed in a separate booklet,
> unfortunately this means that you'd have to do boxed sets and I hate boxed
> sets.

I also liked the idea, and I don't think it would mean boxed sets. They could be shrink rapped just like the maps were in RoC.

Rob Mace

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