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Date: Tue 04 May 1993 - 19:36:38 EEST

> From: 100270.337@CompuServe.COM (Nick Brooke)
> Subject: Etyries Feedback, and Yanafal too

I enjoyed the speculation about YT and his relationship with Humakt. I think I will incorporate this into my next campaign.

> *(+1% to Nysalor Illumination chance for comprehension)

No problem, I'm already Illuminated (and a Trickster to boot!).

> From: (Adrian Brownlow)
> Subject: Elf Reproduction
> How do elves reproduce?

The male elf inserts his stamen into the female elf's pistle (hope I got that right, it's been years since Botany 1) and she produces a (large) seed. It's rumored that there are thousands of Aldryami seeds that can be planted and sprouted within weeks (or even days!).

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