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Date: Thu 06 May 1993 - 19:20:51 EEST

 Nick writes:

>The Carmanians are one of the most anti-God Learner nations you'll find.
>Remember why Syranthir left Loskalm in the first place? Wondered why they
>are dedicated to the Runes of Law and Truth? The founding Carmanians were

  Excellent point. In my reading of the history, the Carmanians left AFTER substantial God Learner influence had 'corrupted' Loskalm, and the techniques of the G.L. had already left an indelible imprint on the Carmanians even as they searched for their pre-G.L. roots. I should go back and read the relevant passages from the Genertela Book. As I've said before, I am sometimes unsure whether my ideas come from canonical sources or grow out of our local variants.

  > The
>"engineering" of deities you mention (worshipping them in both Light and
>Dark aspects, I presume) is an outgrowth from their Arkati / Talori roots,
>put into sharper focus by early contacts with empires of Light and Shadow
>in Peloria.

  Didn't the God Learner philosophy and 'magical technology' grow out of the Heroquesting pioneered by Arkat? If so, your suggestion would make Carmanian philosophy & religion a 'sibling' to the G.L. philosophy rather than a 'child' of it. I'm beginning to like your hypotheses better: they explain the Carmanians more simply (Does Glorantha have a William of Ockham figure) than mine.

> I don't see your Carmanian mercantile innovations as a problem.
> In fact, they're a damn' good idea

  Thanks for the support. I think that the Hero Wars period is a time of fundamental change in many fields of endeavor, not just a collection of big battles! Putting into details like the beginnings of a commercial revolution emphasize this point. "If the Lunars are not stopped, our lives will soon be unrecognizable! Worthless "letters of credit" will replace our good gold and silver! Back to cattle bartering!"

>It's just pinning the roots of this
>cultural novelty on the God Learners I object to.

  I think you're right, and that I was making the mistake of assuming 'innovative' = 'God Learner'.

>"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" - Should be the motto of the Examiners.

> I'd ... collaborate in any Lunar cult write-ups .... if time permits.

  Let me know if you get more time. I'll go ahead with an Etyries write-up (in between working on my thesis and other projects!) and post it to the Net to be shot down piecemeal. Maybe in a few weeks...

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