Etyrie's Merchants and Good Morals

Date: Sat 08 May 1993 - 12:38:54 EEST

The use of D.E.B. as a cult secret for Etyries sounds interesting as a way to make up for their weak magic. However I think that although it has cultural merit I would not include it in a campaign solely for this reason. The Lunar Gods write up in GoG makes them pathetic when compared to their Orlanthi complements and I am just waiting for a decent publication to mend the holes. Apart from the Etyries weaknesses why would Irripi Ontor ever think of replacing Lankhor Mhy when LM is the only one with Analyze Magic.

In Pavis it is a source of considerable embarrassment for my Etyries merchant that every time we get a whiz bang magic item I have to go to the LM temple and let them know what has just turned up (I have to pay them to use the spell and thus they learn what I've got to boot) before I can sell it to my Lunar compatriots (for a reasonable service fee, of course).

Also I think it was a great God Learner philospher who once said:

        "Never give a sucker an even break"
I am running a business and have to cover costs such as all those business lunches, posh accommodation, etc, etc. [Just try getting a company lawyers' expenses bill itemised]. Of course everyone will benefit from a business deal they do with me. It is just that I do my best to ensure that I benefit more than others. (I like to think of myself as a hardheaded businessman and anyone who wants to make libelous allegations can complain to the Lunar administration, who are not close personal friends of mine at all).  

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