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Date: Fri 07 May 1993 - 17:53:25 EEST

To Mark Buckley:

Yo! I like the info on Corinth...sounds funky. Currently I'm putting together some gear, so if there's any way you can make the info available electronically I'd appreciate laying hold of it. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be around in Aberystwyth for much longer all in all, so e-mail is probably the best way of laying hold of it for me. I must admit, I do like it when Glorantha seems to fall in neatly with mythology of our world. The smith/cyclops info could work nicely in. All I have to do now is slip in my skyclad army of Orlanthi to represent Celtic mythology. Seriously, do any armies march skyclad (stark staring naked) into combat? Barbarian tribes could be possibilities. Also, in Glorantha it wouldn't be as much of a problem as it was here. Magic can compensate. Voice at the back of my mind keeps muttering about the Loam Magic rules as written I think by Oliver Dickinson in an old White Dwarf.

One thing I may well be doing over the summer is putting together a small pack dealing with the High Seas. Runequesting the High Seas is surely a deed that must be done.....piracy, brigands, bucanneers, and assorted other fools. If anyone is based in the North-East (Middlesbrough, UK) area I'd like to get together and bounce ideas around. I also figure that such a pack really ought to see the return of Panash, that legendary cult that lurks around the edges of Glorantha. If anyone is interested, let me know. I feel the need for my characters to start yelling about "The White Whale, the White Whale!"

As to the idea that this list is about to take off: brace yourselves, I'm ready for one hell of a ride......

S'long for now folks.

Stephen M Hunt
Better Red Than Dead

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