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>> do any armies march skyclad (stark staring naked) into combat?

> In nice warm Prax, perhaps, but as for Dagori Inkarth or Balazar, well, it's
> enough to chip the ends off your pointy bits...

Well, Orlanthi having a Wind Lord cast "Bless Woad" for them most certainly do!

They always strike me as the only celtic fiction in english language roleplaying backgrounds. Never mind the anglosaxon Thanes, Ceorls etc. ranks like these were common in celtic tribes, too. THen there's their exterior: big drooping moustaches, spiky hair, quite often red (especially with female warriors). Orlanth is sporting a charioteer (Mastakos), also typical celtic. (BTW: do Orlanthi chieftains drive around in chariots, too?)

And, naggingly, back to a question I asked earlier: how do I have to imagine sartarite cities? Are they reflections of celtic oppida like Manching by Munich or Alesia in France? Or must I expect more medieval style towns, like Caernarfon aka City of Carse?

And a note of approval to Paul's thoughts on magic:  

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> Sometimes when playing RQ we find that magic, represented mechanically
> in the game system, has los something of its 'mystic' flavor.

Too true. We (some guys preparing a tournament in Germany) have encountered the same problem, especially with the mechanistic spells like enhance stat/skill/damage (be it spirit, divine or sorcerous magic). I'd like a more versatile system for sorcery in RQ4, btw; Pauls Laws ought to give some ideas there and OUGHT TO BE INCLUDED as optional rules (at least).

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