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Date: Mon 10 May 1993 - 16:39:34 EEST

>When is Shadows comming out in Britain? I have mine on order and
>still haven't got my copy yet......sigh.(Or do I have a crap supplier?)

 I heard a rumour that it'll be out in June, but this is probably wrong - both SC and Roc just turned up out of the blue, so I expect Shadows will as well. Haven't had time to read the review yet, but I'm glad to see that someone has been able to get a copy. This gives hope to the rest of us.

 Seen a lot of Trickster stuff floating around recently, so I thought I'd chuck in this spell which occurred to me the other night while we were playing (I'd had something to drink so I've got an excuse).

 New Trickster (Eurmal) spirit magic spell

 Eggs, Egghead, The yolk's on you

 3pt, non-variable, temporal, passive

 This recreates the egg from the back of the head routine. The trickster reaches round behind the 'victim's' head, casts the spell (the words are 'ta-da' - nothing to do with the bloke who saved Ernalda) and an egg appears in his hand which he then reveals to the victim (hopefully) to his amazement. The one necessity for this spell is that, if the victim asks to see the egg (e.g to test if it's real) then the Trickster must (preferably with a flourish) break it over the victim's head, or in his face.

 So, although this can be a useful spell for distracting guards ,etc, there is a flipside which can place the caster in even more trouble. If ever the Trickster fails to do this then he develops a rotten egg smell. Hate to think what Eurmal would require him to do to get rid of it.

 In the campaign I'm running in Sartar (what an original locale), the p.c's are currently attending the Orlanthi High Holy day in an attempt to become initiates (one p.c failed to join Humakt when he told the examiner that, if he gave his word not to harm someone who later turned out to be an ogre, he would kill him when he discovered the truth).

 As this occasion tends to turn into a bank holiday (or bank Holyday) for most people, the Tricksters have turned up. The egg joke worked wonderfully on one character who got one right in the face (makes me wish I'd live-roleplayed it).

 So far the best thing the Trickster has done (apart from trying to steal the religious paraphenalia from the local temple to all deities) is to convince a Storm Kahn and his 40 braves (who had ridden all the way from Prax following a dream sent by the bull himself telling them about a large chaos presence in the region) that the chaos was actually a large group of gorp cunningly disguised as cow pats in a nearby field, and that the only way to destroy the chaos menance was to ... eat it (well he is a Trickster, and he figured that it may well sweeten the Storm Bulls' breath). Great spell 'lie'.

 So, you can imagine what one of the p.c's who wanted to become a lay member of Urox had to do to prove his sincerity. He's still picking the pieces of straw out of his teeth!

 Anyway, better get on with my revision.

-When a man lies he murders a part of the world


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