Re: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 10 May 1993, part 1

From: G. Fried (address.removed@nowhere.tld)
Date: Tue 11 May 1993 - 17:51:25 EEST

Has anyone out there run a campaign with worshipers of Lodril, Father of Volcanos and Peasants? I am running a campaign where the PCs, primitive inhabitants of an out-of-the-way region of the already out-of-the-way East Ilses, have liberated a volcano spirit and now aspire to cultivate worship of this entity. These are new players, and I find their ambition commendably in the spitit of Runequest, but the write-up on Lodril (in "Gods of Glorantha")
- the only god who can provide inspiration for such a cult - is agonizingly
brief. So, if anyone has any brilliant ideas on the spiritual and earthly economy of volcanos and Lodril in Glorantha, I'd love your input! By Friday
- I have to GM this weekend! -- Greg

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